5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Making the right choice of a real estate professional is essential for a successful real estate experience. You need someone knowledgeable about the market and regulations and who you feel comfortable working with. It’s important to select an agent who is properly educated and certified by the appropriate governing body in your province. 

Furthermore, you should look into their qualifications, specialties, and ethical standards to ensure they fit you. Finding someone who you can connect with on a personal level is also important. With the right agent, you can navigate the housing market with confidence.

Here are five questions to ask your real estate agent:

1. What Are Your Credentials?

To be a successful real estate agent, you must have a valid license to practice in the province you’re working in. Additionally, it’s important to have certification from the governing body in this province. Beyond that, having a good amount of experience and expertise in the field is important. This could mean working full-time, having experience in residential, commercial, or investing properties, or specializing in a certain territory. Having a good amount of knowledge in these areas will help ensure success as a real estate agent.

2. How Many Properties Have You Sold?

Ask your potential agent to provide you with a list of recently sold properties and the prices they went for. Also, find out how long they were on the market. Asking these questions can give you an idea of the agent’s performance in the past. See if there are any patterns or issues that stand out. If listings appear to be outliers, ask why that happened.

3. How Will You Market My House?

When selecting a real estate agent to help you sell your home, it is vital to make sure they have a strategy to advertise your property in addition to simply listing it for sale on the MLS. Will the agent create home marketing materials, including digital and print pieces? Will they use blogs, social media, and other print methods to get the word out? Do they plan to ensure as many people see your home as possible?

4. Are My Expectations Realistic?

A good real estate agent should be honest and direct with their clients. They should give realistic advice based on various factors, such as the current market trends, the area, and the property type. They should be able to tell their client what to expect instead of sugarcoating the situation and wasting time. Real estate agents should help their clients find the right property within their budget and help sellers find the right buyer at the right price.

5. Do You Have a Good Contractor to Recommend?

If you’re looking to make changes to a property you’re purchasing or are preparing to sell, it’s important to have trustworthy professionals to rely on. Ask your real estate agent if they have connections to various professionals, such as attorneys, lenders, home inspectors, woodworkers, and painters. It’s also important to determine if they receive any compensation for these referrals.


Ask your real estate agent questions to obtain the best outcome for your real estate transaction. Questions such as the fees they charge, their experience in the industry, and their availability to answer your questions are all important. Asking the right questions will help you make the right decisions and ensure a successful real estate transaction.

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